Custom Abstract Artwork


I’ve been a professional musician since 2001, primarily as a drummer for the world-renowned theatrical art-troupe Blue Man Group.  I have performed over 4,000 shows with Blue Man Group, including National Tours, National TV performances, and Theatrical Productions in Las Vegas and New York.  I also cut my teeth in the Mainstream Rock industry, signing two record deals and landing five Top 20 singles as drummer, songwriter, and co-producer with my bands Otherwise and Code Red Riot (I still release music under the latter).

I’ve dabbled in art since grade school. The first significant project I can remember involved stripping the paint off my BMX bike and customizing it with splatter-paint when I was 15 or 16. Fast forward 20 years to touring with my rock band, and I realized customizing music gear with one-of-a-kind artwork would quickly become fan favorite items to acquire.  The art bug swiftly hit again, and I’ve been creating visual pieces ever since.

I love creating abstract art, in particular, because it involves a fair amount of unpredictability, uncontrollability, and uncertainty that can never be repeated. The inspiration always occurs in-the-moment, and there’s very little room for hesitation or indecision in the process.  Coincidentally, I aspire to perform music the same way I approach my art – letting go of inhibitions and allowing the moment to truly dictate what happens next. 

I’m truly thankful for everyone who has taken interest and supported my artistic endeavors!  Feel free to contact me anytime if you’d like me to create a custom piece just for you!

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